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Oasis People

Oasis is an integrated business having PAN India operations. Our business components include : Energy, Power, Industrial & Infrastructure Projects.

We organize an array of activities to allow our staff to explore different opportunities and develop new skills. We ensure a healthy change within a particular sector of operations or may even divert from one operation to another, or to a different country.

We are a dynamic and spontaneous team working in India with the aim to bring new changes to Oasis Group. Together, we hope to do bigger, better and extraordinary things.

Life at Oasis

At Oasis, our work culture promotes teamwork, leadership values, and meritocracy. We offer a platform that allows you to share your innovative ideas and perspective thoughts about our work culture, and you can also work closely with a team of absolutely passionate specialists. You are not here for daily chores – Your role is to be proactive, creative and open to new responsibilities.

Oasis gives you an opportunity to let your business grow and prosper. We believe in developing your career, and it is only possible when you have a fulfilled personal and professional life. We aim to make it happen. With our team of talented professionals and creative minds, we can definitely give a new dimension to your business.

Oasis Workplace

We believe that every individual has certain qualities and our aim is to hone those qualities. We work together, as a team, to promote collaboration. Every individual can share their thoughts and work with a close-knit team of professionals who are passionate about their jobs.

Oasis provides an excellent ambience to work. We support creative ideas, welcome new thoughts, and encourage innovation. The dynamic and infectious workplace at Oasis has helped many grow, accept challenges and become leaders in life.

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Oasis is known to have executed projects in the most challenging working environments and delivered it on or before time. Oasis possesses a team of well-equipped professionals and renowned experts in their respective fields. These personnel not only have the work experience and expertise, but also have the requisite academic qualifications to discharge their responsibilities in the best possible manner.

Execution Planning & Monitoring

Oasis’ Execution Planning & Monitoring team called as “EPMTeam”, provides invaluable support to construction managers working for the company through construction management, scheduling, WBS, sub-contract strategy, work budgeting and analysis. It controls the projects by effectively managing all the 5Ms i.e., Man, Material, Machine, Methods and Money. From a centralised office, the EPMTeam guides construction manager’s team including safety and quality divisions by meticulously controlling and monitoring project activities. This ensures that all requirements of the clients are met with, resulting in effective and efficient project progress and execution.

Lighting the way with passion
Corporate Profile

Truly in line with our saying, Oasis demonstrates the references of many projects completion success which were achieved in either geographically or socially challenged work environment.

Oasis designs, builds and maintains many of the most challenging and complex projects. Through its network of service locations, Oasis employees provide comprehensive capabilities and world-class expertise in the fields of engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning, operations, maintenance and project management. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India Oasis had revenue of 431 Million in 2016-17.

Clients depend on the expertise of Oasis for delivery of their capital projects safely, on schedule, within budget and with requisite quality as per their expectations.

Within a very short time Oasis has become a trusted business partner by providing exceptional services and technical knowledge across every phase of a project.

Oasis works with government and multinational companies to design, build, and maintain many of the most complex and challenging capital projects.

The individual and collective expertise of Oasis' employees provides cost-effective, intelligent solutions in a timely manner. Outstanding dependability, expertise, and safe practices followed distinguish Oasis as the preeminent leader in the global EPC marketplace.


Oasis Group shall be professionally managed completely Indian construction conglomerate.

Oasis will be a positive and highly influential force in the Development and Operation of Infrastructure that is backbone of the Growth of the country and people. Through service to our clients and collaboration with colleagues, we will create a lasting legacy that improves our client's business, lives of people and communities.

Quality is the investment for sustainable growth

"To satisfy our client with unparallel services while upholding our technical standards of excellence and innovation"