Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Maintenance And Project Management Services for Energy

E&C Division at Oasis Provides selected EPCM services to Energy & Chemicals facilities. Oasis serves integrated petrochemical, Chemical Industry & Hydrocarbon Transportation markets in specific contracting and engineering services. Its expertise includes consulting, design build of new facilities, pipelines and onshore facilities. It also offers retrofit and plant-upgradation services.

Oasis has expertise in engineering and designing of onshore and cross Country Energy Transportation pipeline. The company also offers EPC services (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) for pipeline projects. Oasis has the required expertise in installing pipelines including medium-diameter, complex, high-pressure and logistically challenged pipeline projects locally.These include transportation for a variety of goods like:

GAS : LPG Gases including Butane, propane and propylene, Natural Gases

OIL: Refined Petroleum Products (Diesel/Jet Fuel/Gasoline etc.), Heavy and Light Crude Oil.

Oasis has immense experience in standing up to a vast variety of challenges as far as pipeline projects are concerned. Apart from civil, electrical, instrument, mechanical, structural and SCADA system engineering, Oasis can handle all aspects of pipeline design.Oasis’ pipeline design related facilities include:

  • Reports and studies on environmental impact
  • High pressure pipeline stress analysis
  • Geo-hazard design
  • Certifications and shop inspection of pipes
  • Evaluation and mitigation of risks
  • Crossings associated to existing pipelines on beaches, water bodies, roads and railways

At the present moment, Oasis does not OFFER subsea pipelines or any other subsea EPCM solutions. However, it is looking for a technical collaboration with a global partner who is technologically equipped to provide the same. Our objective is to be able to provide complete EPCC services to subsea and deep water projects markets sooner.For any such opportunity for global partnership, technological partnership offering should be discussed with our Director for International Business.